Board Members

De Sube


De Sube has been a transgender advocate and activist for 25 years. She is happily retired, which gives her ample to time to follow her passion -  the transgender community. She founded the Gender Expression Movement support group almost 10 years ago and is one of the founders of the  Transgender Assistance Program of Virginia. She serves as Treasurer to the Board of Directors and is a member of the homeless emergency response team.

Jay Corprew


Jay Corprew is a poet, mentor and local artist, who dedicates his time to advocacy, education and activism in the community. Jay became homeless  on three different occasions in his life. “I know what it’s like being homeless and denied help because I was transgender, not knowing any resources for us even existed, that’s why I joined TAP, because it’s lifesaving.” Jay facilitates the Queer People of Color peer support group, and co-facilitates the Trans-masculine peer support group at the LGBT Life Center in Norfolk, Virginia. He joined the Equality Virginia Trans Speakers Bureau in 2019. He currently resides in Virginia Beach with his wife. Jay serves the board as Director of Trans Visibility. 

Melissa Arehart


 Melissa Arehart has lived in the Hampton Roads area for 30+ years. She transitioned later in life, and  decided early on in her transition that it was important to use her life experiences and knowledge to be of service to the trans community.

"When I came out a few years ago, I realized that I wasn't alone. This is a very important message for all trans people. The trans community has support from people who truly care about their well being. There is help out there for those who need it. This is why I chose to be a director of TAPVA."

Melissa lives in Portsmouth with her partner Barbara and enjoys photography in her free time.

Kat Dunleavy


Katherine Dunleavy is a Norfolk resident and community activist, with a focus on trans', women's and prisoner's rights. They are an original founding board member of TAPVA. In their spare time they make art, takes photos, and volunteers with local groups. She serves as Board Secretary and Director of Digital Communications.

Sarah Hustead



 Sarah Hustead is a Hampton Roads, Virginia native. They are a Senior at Old Dominion University studying Poli Sci with a double minor in Human Services and Addiction Treatment and Prevention. They are also the President of ODU’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance,  and a graduate of Campus Pride’s LGBTQ+ Leadership Academy.  They serve as Director of Trans Organizing and Director of Volunteers.

Martina Jonas


 Martina was born and raised in the Hampton Roads area. They are an ODU alum, and they currently teach at Hampton University.  In addition to their dedication to helping the trans homeless community and being vocal about trans rights, Martina is an advocate of trans POC visibility, and their passions include showcasing and giving voice to trans POC artists. Martina is a musician and bird enthusiast, and they currently reside in Portsmouth with their husband, dog, and finches 

Jeannie Neil Bale



Jeannie Neil Bale is a Small Business owner on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Transgender Activist.  She’s passionate about Trans Rights and educating others.  She’s a strong advocate of fostering Change through education and awareness as well as creating safe and open venues for all in the LGBTQ community. 

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